The seven deadly sins, family-style

Are there really seven deadly sins? Yes, the Catholic Church identifies seven particularly harmful sins or vices which can lead us to turn away from God.                     

1. Pride: Parents are rightly proud of their kids.  But pride here refers to the need to be always more important or attractive than anyone else.
2. Avarice (greed): Parents who struggle with this may choose material comforts over the family’s true needs.
3. Envy: Resenting others who have something you wish you had, along with the failure to rejoice in another’s success or good fortune.
4. Wrath: Even healthy families get angry, but wrath prevents reconciliation. It is uncontrolled anger with a desire for revenge; think family feuds, grudges.
5. Lust: Undisciplined, unchecked desire can tear apart existing relationships. Our job is to help kids learn to respect others and not turn them into objects.
6. Gluttony: The hazards of excessive eating or drinking are both physical and psychological. How do we help children properly use God’s gift of nourishment?
7. Sloth: Not bothering, failing to use one’s gifts and talents. One family member who fails to put forth effort can have an effect on the entire household.

By Annemarie Scobey, from the archives of At Home with Our Faith newsletter

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