Help your kids learn to love God with heart, mind, and soul

Engage their hearts: As children enter the pre-teen and teen years, don’t shield them from uncomfortable stories in the news or movies that show poverty or injustice. Allow them to see the pain of others and to be moved by it.

• Help them find their souls: When your child seems to be showing off or not acting as himself or herself, point it out. Gently remind your daughter that God asks her to simply be Emily. When you see your child acting in a genuine manner, point that out as well. Tell your son that his soul is showing.

• Build their minds: In a culture that values instant everything, help children discover that building mind strength takes time. Give them an uninterrupted hour to read; have them practice the piano before they can play video games; hang a map of the world in your bathroom. Show your children you value a questioning spirit and intelligence.

By Annemarie Scobey, from the archives of At Home with Our Faith newsletter

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