A Blessing for Mothers of All Sorts, Sizes, and Shapes of Body, Mind, and Spirit

morguefile mom and baby• O mothers, one and all, some of you have carried your children in your womb. Others of you have welcomed babes in need of your attention who came to you from another birth mother. May the love you’ve extended return to you a hundredfold.

• O mothers, do not live in regret of what you wished you would have done, or what you did do and wished you had not. As you look back on your mothering, may you remember that you tried to do your best.

• O mothers, those of you for whom much of your life with your children is before you, do not imagine you can do this alone. Remember it takes a lot of leaning on the Divine Mother whose heart enfolds every mother and child. May you draw strength daily from her kindly presence.

• O mothers, do not forget to care for yourself. Find what enriches and enlivens your deepest self. May you have the vitality it takes to generously give of yourself daily.

• O mothers, you who have gone on to another sphere of life. We bring you to mind and heart today. May the peace you now have seep into the weary and troubled places of mothers’ hearts everywhere.

By Joyce Rupp, a Servite sister and author of many books, including her latest, My Soul Feels Lean: Poems of Loss and Restoration (Ave Maria).  Reprinted with permission.



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