View our sample parish handouts

Handouts for your parish from At Home with Our Faith.          

Filled with practical and down-to-earth ideas that help guide busy parents in their all-important work of raising faith-filled kids.

Click on titles below to read samples of each. 

To order online, use this Homefaith Basics order page. By phone call 1-800-328-6515. 



Advent and Christmas family handouts:

Four ways to light up your family’s Advent

Slow down your family’s Christmas

Lent and Holy Week family handouts:

14 family lessons from the Stations of the Cross

Take the plunge into Lent

40 ways to deepen your family’s faith this Lent

What Jesus is dying to show you: A family guide to Holy Week

Handouts on Mass and faith in the home:

Mass: It does a family good

12 ways to bring family life to Mass

8 ways that parish and parents can be partners

A parent’s 10 Commandments for passing on the faith

Who is your kids’ best teacher of the faith? You are!

3 Responses

  1. Dear HomeFaith,

    I’ve read over some of your sample parish handouts and find them to be excellent tools for encouraging spirituality in the home. I especially appreciate the practical suggestions offered. Family spirituality is not often stressed in our Catholic tradition these days. I rarely hear anyone encouraging family prayer or devotions, even during the seasons of Advent, Christmas, Lent and Easter. I’ve long observed that, for many families, their only experience of family prayer is grace before meals.

    I plan to contact my pastor to ask if he would be open to reading over some of the handouts and offering them to our families as inserts in the Sunday bulletins, starting with your family guide to Holy Week. To make it easier for him to say “yes”, I’ll offer it as a contribution from my own family. So, it’ll be paid for! How could he say no?

    Bob Hunt
    Knoxville, TN

  2. These would be great to send home with our children enrolled in our religious education program, except many of our children are living in Spanish speaking homes. Have you thought of doing these bilingually??

  3. Mary,
    Claretian Publications, through its Hispanic Ministry Resource Center, does offer a number of excellent bilingual handouts for families: See El Momento Catolico, with titles on the sacraments and on handing on the faith to children.

    We also offer Amigos do Jesus, a bilingual and bicultural catechism program designed specifically for Hispanic children growing up in the United States. It is a lectionary-based collection of reproducible handouts.
    –The Editors

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