Moms’ Night Out

September 2014 Moms' Night_Page_1Welcome to our free discussion program for parishes that purchase At Home with Our Faith. Download questions below for current issues of the newsletter. Hand out the issue in advance, and use the questions to get a great discussion going in your moms’ group or other parish gathering of parents. Each month also includes a detailed guide on how to host a Moms’ Night Out event at your parish.

Also, don’t miss this piece on how to use Moms’ Night Out to get parents reading and discussing At Home with Our Faith.

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May 2015 Moms’ Night Out discussion starters

April 2015 Moms’ Night Out discussion starters

March 2015 Moms’ Night Out discussion starters

February 2015 Moms’ Night Out discussion starters

January 2015 Moms’ Night Out discussion starters

How Moms’ Night Out works

Words of praise for the At Home with Our Faith Moms’ Night Out program from a parish family life director:

“I’m the family life director at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church in Newport News, VA. I started the Moms’ Night Out group this past year after reading several editions of At Home with Our Faith. I just completed my PhD in Counseling this past year and found the articles to be excellent. They  generate discussion, are balanced, and are based on good research and teaching within the field of family counseling.  Setting up the Moms’ Night Out was so easy. The discussion questions are provided every month, and because the newsletter is so affordable, our local Catholic Elementary School purchased one for every family member.

“We meet on the third Thursday of the month and I make it special by pulling out my china, crystal glasses, and festive napkins. I let each holiday dictate the type of decor or desserts. We have wine and desserts at each gathering because I wanted it to feel like a special chance for mothers to get away.  They have made some elaborate desserts, but we also pick them up from the local grocery store.  We discuss the articles and how they spoke to us as mothers.  We don’t always have someone available to formally speak, but we have found it isn’t needed when you start to develop the group cohesion and safe atmosphere to share.

“Next year we are considering moving the group to the middle of the day, however, because many moms were tired, overwhelmed with running errands, or taking kids to sports during the week.  Every parish will have a different experience but I think the important part is to bring women together to share and the articles have been excellent.”

2 Responses

  1. Loved your website think it will help our parishes

  2. I have enjoyed reading AT HOME WITH OUR FAITH for several years. I am blessed that my daughter’s school provides free copies to all families attending the school.

    I appreciate all you do to promote our faith and to help strengthen families.

    Kelly Walcheski

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