Catholic parent-to-parent on raising kids Catholic

Click here to read my cover story in the April U.S. Catholic, “Show & tell: Six ways to teach your children the faith.”  I contacted a bunch of fellow parents who were kind enough to explain their own methods for raising kids Catholic (straight from the trenches of Catholic parenting).  To share what works in your own family–or what your parents did to share their faith with you–click on the title of this post, which will bring you to the comment page.

Sean Reynolds: Handing on faith–what works, and what doesn’t

If one of your kids would say, “You know, Dad, math is boring. I don’t want to go to math class anymore,” would we even consider saying to the child, “Oh, honey, you’re right, math is boring and so you only have to go to math class through the eighth grade and then no more math for you”? Of course not, but something has happened in us Catholics over the last 40 or 50 years so that the faith component in our kids’ lives has become optional. Connecting the dots, that would suggest that it’s become optional for parents as well. Math has not become optional, but somehow faith has, when Mom or Dad say, “Once confirmed, that’s it for religion classes, and Sunday Mass is up to you.”

–from the U.S. Catholic magazine interview with Sean Reynolds, director of youth and young adult ministry for the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, about how to pass on the faith to our children and adolescents.  Reynolds challenges both parents and parishes with his analysis of why Catholic youth fare so poorly in national studies of young people’s faith.  Read the interview here, and see a short Reynolds video here (or below)—he answers 5 questions from U.S. Catholic editors.