Don’t let kids off too easy

kid mowing lawn morguefile0001427147596Sometimes, in an effort to show kindness to their children, kind and compassionate parents make the mistake of not holding their children accountable. In their effort to be loving, these parents fail to recognize that parental love requires them to set limits, ask kids to do their fair share, and teach children about sacrifice. If you see hints that your child is adverse to hard work or is looking at the world in a rather entitled way, do a quick check of your own parenting to see if you help your child to see the needs of others.

• I love you so much that I’m making you take out the garbage. Every child should have daily chores that they’re expected to do that benefit the family. School-aged children should be involved in tasks like doing dishes, emptying the dishwasher, and setting the table in addition to their personal responsibilities—making their own bed, cleaning up their room. Older children can be expected to do bigger jobs on weekends, such as mowing the lawn or doing the laundry. Continue reading

Goodness gracious

dad and sonJenn and John, parents of Clay, 19 months, never intentionally taught their son to say thanks. Yet one day, in the midst of a rather long babble of conversation, the two heard Clay say “Thank you” quite clearly. “We stopped in our tracks,” says Jen. “It made me realize that Clay’s words reflect our married relationship, and we say ‘thank you’ to each other often.” Continue reading