Be here now

My friend Tom at work lent me his copy of a book called Deep Survival: Who Lives, Who Dies, and Why (W. W. Norton & Company) which analyzes the experiences of people who survived despite incredible odds. Tom himself is an outdoor adventure kind of guy, someone who rides motorcycles on treacherous dirt roads down in Baja and who once went sea-kayaking without benefit of instruction. You get the idea. I supect Tom wanted to read this book to determine why he had escaped doom thus far and how he might jack up the odds for future exploits.

The author of the book came up with some rules that might save someone in a hairy situation. One sounds simple: “Be here now.” The book describes how climbing accidents, for instance, often happen on the way down, when climbers’ thoughts stray to the hot shower and warm meal they will soon be enjoying, instead of the slope ahead of them.

I hereby propose that we parents adopt “Be here now” as a guideline for our parental moments henceforth. Continue reading