What’s for dinner?

Somehow, pre-kid, it never occurred to me that so much of being a parent would involve getting food into hungry mouths. But I learned quick. With my firstborn, I was so anxious about our initial struggles with breastfeeding that I kept having images that he would sort of dry up and blow away because I was not able to feed him properly. When we took him to the doctor for his two-week visit and he’d actually gained weight, I wept with relief.

With toddlers it seems to take the whole day to feed them and clean up afterwards. Then there’s the obsessing: When my mom babysat, for example, she always gave me a detailed report on everything the kids ate (she still does, now that I think about it). Enough vegetables? What about protein intake?

Even now, it still can unnerve me that my family gathers round late in the day with expectant looks. “What’s for dinner?” they ask, day after day. Continue reading