Silence is golden—even for kids

Children older than about 4 benefit from learning how to be silent (for little ones it is next to impossible). We learn to be comfortable with ourselves; we give others a break from our chatter; we may even hear the voice of God. Some ideas:

• Send kids to their rooms, not as a punishment but as a place to go. They may do anything they want for a half hour—but no TV, computer, or iPod. Make sure there are art supplies, writing supplies, or building materials.

• No talking until the next stoplight. When arguments flare in the car, declare a moratorium on talking until a certain landmark.

• Take kids to Eucharistic Adoration; stop into an empty church for 10 minutes. Sit, kneel, or walk around the church in silence.

by Annemarie Scobey, from the pages of At Home with Our Faith, Claretian Publications’ print newsletter for parents on nurturing spirituality in the home. Here’s a sample issue.