Good judgment or being judgmental? The fine line.

The day after Teenasia entered our home as a foster child for the third time in five years, I brought her to our local public school to register her for kindergarten. As we walked in the office, the first thing the secretary said to Teenasia—even before hello—was, “Honey, you don’t need that thumb in your mouth. Take it out.”  

The comment was made in a sweet voice; Teenasia obliged, and I didn’t say anything, but inside I was seething. With all Teenasia had just gone through, her thumb was about the only stable thing in her life at the moment. The secretary, of course, had no idea of all of this and did not mean any harm. But every time we choose to judge a situation we know little about, we take a risk.  

While sexual sins are often given the most press by those who like to point out sins, Jesus rarely spoke of them. Instead, the sin Jesus mentioned the most was judging others.  

Parents walk the line between using good judgment and being judgmental. Continue reading