Why kids need true grit, part two

Cliff IMG_9304 copy(continued from last week)

Understand the importance of motivation. It can be tempting to look at the child next door who has a passion for soccer and wonder why our own child is picking dandelions in the field. Parents need to remember that there are many areas of childhood that are not required for a successful adulthood. Yes, motivation and effort are important, but no one wants to give their all to something of only marginal interest.

“Last year we signed our youngest up for swim team,” says Dave, father of two. “It was a struggle to get her involved. There was no motivating factor that could get her excited about it. We didn’t sign her up again.” Parents need to be able to let their children’s interests, not their own ambition, provide guidance. Continue reading

Why kids need true grit

boy climbing IMG_5852Brigid, a chaplain working in the oncology unit of a hospital, came to know a man undergoing treatment for cancer. He was unusually upbeat considering that the treatment he was undergoing was painful. “I asked him how he could remain so cheerful,” Brigid says. “He explained that he had played football in high school and he had learned how to deal with pain in such a way that he did not let it interfere with reaching his goals.” Continue reading