Take two, add grace, and stir, part two

couple sunsetGrace beyond this moment. Brigid and Bob, married 19 years with four children, believe that part of being open to the grace of God in marriage is understanding that bumpy times will not last forever and good times should not be taken for granted. “In good times, it is good to stop and ask, ‘Why is this good? What are we doing right? Can we replicate and maintain the qualities of this time?’ ” Brigid says. In asking what we are doing right, we avail ourselves of what being open to God’s grace looks like in real life, and we can more easily hold on to what we learn. Continue reading

Take two, add grace, and stir

couple leaningJennifer and Dave, married 14 years, with two boys ages 10 and 8, rely on their differences to build a strong marriage.

“Dave always says to me that together we compensate for each other’s weaknesses,” Jennifer explains. “Dave is more relaxed and does not worry as much. I am more structured and want a plan. The longer we are married, the more we realize that working together we can get through life, because I keep us organized and Dave makes sure we take time to relax.” Continue reading

The neighbor across the breakfast table

Recently my husband Bill and I were on a rare getaway weekend together. On Saturday morning after a leisurely breakfast—where I was not asked to cut anyone’s waffles—we went for a walk and stopped at a rummage sale. (Not necessarily the most romantic event of the weekend, but we both enjoy a good bargain.) The 60-something lady who was running the sale asked if we lived in the neighborhood. When we explained that we were on a weekend away together, she clapped her hands.  

“That is wonderful,” she said with a thick German accent. “That is good for your marriage. I never wanted to leave my children, even for one night. I never thought anyone could do it as well as I could. My husband wanted me to go away with him, but I said there would be plenty of time for that when the kids are grown. Well, you know what? The kids grew up, and my husband left me for a younger woman. So you two are right in spending time together. I wish I would have.”  Continue reading